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"Safety is like climbing high mountains - it takes strength, requires skill, offers beauty, enables triumphs."

Achieve your business goals with my tried-and-tested advice and use the advantages of security for your digitalization and the use of modern technologies.

The basis of my consulting is knowledge and experience, which I support with recognized and tested activities, tools and techniques. An increase in knowledge gives you the opportunity to expand your areas of expertise, open up new business areas and increase commercial success.

As an objective, independent management consultant, I combine the consulting security of an innovative management consultancy and a certified and association-tested IT expert as well as an implementer and auditor.

With my advice, I support privately owned companies and corporations in implementing the requirements of national and international data and information security standards as well as modern technologies with security concepts and problem solutions for administrations.

As an experienced trainer in information security, I impart the necessary knowledge for the practical implementation of the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 / ISO/IEC 27005 to lead implementers, lead auditors, data protection officers and risk managers and data controller as well as to management as a re-fresher training.

("A problem is half solved when it is clearly stated." John Dewey)

In order to be able to offer my clients an even broader portfolio, I am breaking new ground with selected partners and educational institutions and offering my customers all-round care in many areas of IT, IT and information security.

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Yours, Robert Raczynski

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